Job seekers and Employers are equally frustrated!

I hear it every day “we can’t find good employees” and “I can’t get a good job”. Apparently there is a big gap between what employers are looking for and what they really need. The big misconception is that employers need to fill a vacancy with someone that possesses previous work experience and skills similar to what is required on the job. Employers are looking for a set of skills and experiences and not a good employee with the basic mandatory traits such as honesty, reliability, intelligence and good work ethics. You can teach skills to anyone that has those traits and you can never teach those traits to someone with experience and skills. Even with the most technical jobs, skills can be taught in few months if the basic traits exist. That’s why many employers have revolving doors because they focus on skills not traits while trying to fill vacancies. Job Seekers are equally guilty; they spend countless hours embellishing their resumes to match perfectly with the specific job description. If they don’t have the specific skill needed they make it up and they manage to get the interview but this is as far as they get. No one ever gets fired, they always get downsized. Honesty in job search is almost invisible. Many companies hire the wrong candidate based on invalid criteria. Many job seekers apply and accept the wrong jobs simply to meet their financial obligations. However, the false sense of security that employer feel after filling a vacancy and the employee after accepting a job is simply temporary and short lived. They both eventually realize that they are not a good fit for each other and the cycle starts all over. This is actually good news for recruiters and staffing agencies. 1000’s of these agencies both on-line and off-line and they all seem to have enough business which is proven testimony to the hiring mismatch that takes place every day. I am sure there are agencies out there that take pride in finding the right candidates that match perfectly their clients’ needs with candidate’s personal ambitions and goals and I look forward to finding these agencies.