T-Mobile from Good to Bad...
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T-Mobile from Good to Bad...


I have been a loyal customer of T-mobile for over 5 years. I had a good run and the customer service was impeccable. I did not have many problems with my phones but on the few occasions that I did, customer service representatives were quick to address my concerns. As all good things come to an end, so did the great service of T-mobile. I have been having problems with my last phone Blackberry 9700 as it continues to drop calls and I’m not able to make calls 4 out of 10 times which I consider a big failure. I first notified T-mobile few months ago and they did send me a replacement which came in as a defective unit. Everyone makes mistakes so they sent me another unit which I have now. The phone still had the same issues and it even got worse. After countless trouble shooting sessions and enormous waste of my time, they came to the conclusion that I should upgrade to a newer blackberry at a discounted price since I’m a long term customer. However, I would have to accept another 2 years contract. Against my better judgment, I agreed to the offer. An automatic email was sent to me to confirm my order and as I was reviewing it, I realized that the amount I will be charged is 3 times the amount agreed upon. Whether T-mobile decided to engage in deceptive practices or it was simply another human error which indicative of poor customer service, either way that was the final straw. I have no more time to waste being on hold and explaining the situation yet to another unqualified poorly trained representative. I will be looking for another service provider and I hope to find a reliable service this time. In the meantime T-mobile is trying to hold me to my contract even though they failed to keep their end of the deal of providing me good working phone.

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